At Nickel 9 we only make premium spirits using high-quality local ingredients. Our innovative recipes result in truly unique products designed to meet the demands of craft cocktail lovers and craft distillation enthusiasts.

Northern Temple

Northern Temple is a delicious new take on vodka. At the heart of this unique spirit is a traditional, eau de vie, recipe. We then take our Mash and distill it to an extremely high proof, as you would a vodka. The result is an ultra clean drinking spirit, smooth and versatile like a vodka, but with a hint of natural apple sweetness on the nose and the finish. It can be enjoyed in any cocktail, or appreciated on the rocks.

Hidden Temple Gin

Made in a traditional dry style, this gin is botanical forward. Spruce cedar notes give it a very soft forest feel. Wild bergamot and grapefruit balance the taste beautifully.

Golden Temple Brandy

A true apple brandy, it is made mimicking the traditional methods used in Calvados, France. The French oak highlights the sweet characteristics of the 100% apple blend, bringing out rich, caramel/vanilla notes. Its delightful aromas pave the way for what it delivers in flavor.

Crazy Monkey Vodka

Crazy Monkey Vodka

Crazy Monkey Vodka is our traditional style vodka with a completely untraditional smoothness. Made from 100% Ontario soft wheat , this is an ultra clean drinking vodka that has been impressing the most seasoned vodka enthusiasts. Enjoy the quality of a handcrafted, small batch spirit in your cocktails tonight.

Island Diaz Spiced Rum

Island Diaz Spiced Rum

This is a rum born of the adventurous soul. Spiced with the spiced of life. For those who seek out the social occasions. A three year aged rum kissed with a robust spice blend, this sipping rum will bless any friendship and heal the greatest foes.

Ni9 Cocktail Elements

Ni9 Syrups

Who says you need to leave home to get a great cocktail? Our syrups give us the chance to really let our mixology genius shine. We have hand crafted these amazingly delicious recipes so that you just have to add one of our spirits to get a decidedly elegant and tasty cocktail. All of the class with none of the hassle.

Ni9 Bitters

Not only do we make great spirits, but we also produce innovative cocktail ingredients like our house-made bitters. We strive to create flavours that will blend well with all spirits, but they pair especially well with our line of spirits. Select one of our unique flavours to give your cocktail a little something extra.

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