Northern Fizz

Northern Fizz

It doesn’t get more Northern Classic than this cocktail. Using some of our favourite bitters and flavours to create a classy cocktail that will impress all of your guests.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Requires a shaker and optional garnish


1.5oz Northern Temple Vodka

0.5oz Triple Sec

1 Egg White

2oz Lemon Juice

1oz Cranberry Juice

3 Drops Peychaud’s Bitters

1 shaved Piece of Orange



Add vodka, lemon and cranberry juice to a shaker, then crack one whole egg over a bowl and pour the yolk into the opposite side of the shell back and forth until all of the egg whites have fallen into the bowl and the yolk is completely separated in one side of the eggshell. Set the yolk aside for another recipe or it can be disposed of as only the egg whites are necessary for this recipe. Once all ingredients and egg white is in the shaker, shake vigorously. Finally, add ice and shake vigorously again before double straining the drink into a coupe glass. Finish it off with a few drops of Peychaud’s bitters. If you want to try something extra fancy grab a toothpick and drag it through the middle of each of the drops one after another to create a nice swirl design.

*Option, if you have a vegetable or citrus peeler take an orange and shave a small piece of skin off. You can either use this as a garnish on its own or take a lighter and carefully squeeze the peel over the flame. The oils will catch fire- blow it out or drop into the cocktail. If you are still holding the peel you can drag it along the sides of the glass for a nice citrus add as you sip. Then use it as a garnish in the drink.

Serve and bask in the compliments from your guests.


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