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Nickel 9 Distillery

Dogs Do Magic

Dogs Do Magic

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Join us October 5th for Dogs Do Magic at Nickel 9 Distillery. The show runs from 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Your ticket includes: 2 Hours of Magic from Aaron Matthews and Dogs Do Magic, including 1 hour of close-up magic during a cocktail hour and 2 themed cocktails.

Prepare for an unforgettable evening of hilarious magic and canine hijinks at Nickel 9 Distillery featuring some of Canada’s top variety entertainers! “Dogs Do Magic” is a one-of-a-kind experience that you'll will cherish for years to come!

 The Canine Captain to our magical dogs is Aaron Matthews, who astounded audiences this past summer at renowned attractions like The Calgary Stampede and Canada’s Wonderland. Notably, Aaron Matthews garnered recognition as a semi-finalist during the inaugural season of Canada’s Got Talent! Aaron’s quick wit and world class sleight of hand make him the perfect performer for this fun-filled evening of magic and Labrador-able stunts!


These mind-reading, acrobatic dogs will steal the show, your heart, and any unattended treats in the venue! From answering impossible questions with adorable barks to performing labrador-able stunts, each of our well-loved and loving doggos are sure to blow your mind and lick your heart clean all while you sit back at Nickel 9 Distillery and enjoy your themed cocktails for the night!

***We would like to assure you that all dogs participating in our show are trained using only positive reinforcement methods. They are rewarded with treats, praise, and abundant love. These remarkable canines are beloved family pets, performing on stage alongside their dedicated trainers. The deep bond between the trainers and their canine companions is evident and serves as the true magic of the show! Some of the canines in our performance are rescue dogs who have triumphed over dire circumstances, adding an extra layer of heartwarming inspiration to their incredible performances.

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