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Rise & Shine Cocktail, redone.

Rise & Shine Cocktail, redone.

A wake up in a glass. This take on the coffee cocktail is simply to die for, for coffee lovers and sceptics alike. The secret is our homemade syrup. Our founder Chris has developed a Maple Butter Syrup that blends with this espresso based cocktail so beautifully that it is our most requested...

The Evening Breeze

The Evening Breeze

  Ingredients 1 oz Northern Temple 1/2 oz Raspberry Sour 1/2 oz Lime Juice 1.5 oz Pineapple Preparation Add all ingredients together Shake with ice and served over ice. Garnish with 2 fuzzy peaches Enjoy  

Northern Fizz

Northern Fizz

It doesn’t get more Northern Classic than this cocktail. Using some of our favourite bitters and flavours to create a classy cocktail that will impress all of your guests.


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