5 Essential Tools For Your Home Bar

5 Essential Tools For Your Home Bar

It’s really easy to get carried away in cocktail culture. Your journey starts with a simple stainless steel jigger and next thing you know you’ve got a pair of $350 rocks glasses that don’t do a heck of a lot to make your cocktail taste any better. In order to avoid going over the top, we put together this list of essentials that’ll easily elevate your home bartending game without breaking the bank. And where can you pick up all of these goodies, you ask? Our friends at Cocktail Emporium in Toronto have the best selection of all your home bar needs in one convenient place.

Nickel 9 Spirits

A great cocktail is only as good as the ingredients it’s made with, so start with great booze! We started our distillery to make spirits more interesting. If you fancy a clean and smooth gin and tonic, check out our top-selling Hidden Temple Gin. Into something with a bit more oomf? Try our Island Diaz Spiced Rum to bring a little summer flair to the great Canadian Winter.  Or perhaps you’re a fan of vodka-based cocktails. In that case, be sure to stock your home bar with our super smooth Crazy Monkey Vodka. From clean and simple to deep and complex, we’ve got you covered. Not sure what’s right for you? Book a guided tour at the distillery to see what you like!



If you like cocktails at home, you’ve inevitably experienced the high of mixing yourself the perfect drink and now have fleeting hopes of repeating it every time the home bar opens. In cocktails, consistency is key, and a Jigger is crucial in ensuring it’s just as enjoyable every time. Our friends over at Cocktail Emporium carry them in all different styles so you can find the one that best fits your vibe. You can kiss the guesswork goodbye, and look like a pro mixing those perfected cocktails at home!


An often overlooked tool that can take your home cocktail from amateur to bar-worthy is a shaker. Putting a proper chill on drinks is key to elevating enjoyment levels. Shakers do more than just frost that drink for you though, they pull double duty by ensuring everything is mixed so every sip is equally delightful from start to finish. With over 30 to choose from, our friends at Cocktail Emporium have the perfect shaker for your home bar.

Bar Spoon

Okay we just told you to get shakers, but hear us out for a second. Depending on the cocktail and preference of the person drinking it, stirred is better. And you can still stir it up in that beautiful cocktail shaker you just got, so stir in style baby! Get yourself one of these gorgeous stirring spoons and feel fabulous making that cocktail, because nothing reminds you that you’re not at the bar after you’ve made the perfect drink like fumbling in the cutlery drawer for a spoon to mix it with. Keep it classy friends, your cocktail will thank you. For as little as $8, it’s worth it. Trust us. Get yours at the Cocktail Emporium.


So you’ve shaken or stirred a beautiful bevvy and now you’re ready to enjoy your cocktail. But you don’t want all the ice to water down your stupendous sippable. That’s where this little guy comes in. A strainer helps you get all that chilled cocktail goodness out of your shaker and into your glass. And truthfully, it really rounds out the set. Have a look to see which of these bad boys is right for you at the Cocktail Emporium.

There you have it! Your list of essentials to really turn up your mixology game from the comfort of home! You can pick out some of their matching sets, or pick through and customize your own to get the vibe just right! A great cocktail starts with the best spirits, but the right tools can make it into something beautiful, and take the whole experience to another level. Happy mixing friends!


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