6 More Perfect Holiday Gifts

6 More Perfect Holiday Gifts

Are you in a giving mood yet? In our October newsletter, we featured 6 awesome gifts for the cocktail fan on your holiday gift list. This month, we’re back with 6 more sweet, mostly drinkable gifts 🙂 You’ll find everything here from Nickel 9 spirits to cocktail mixers, bar tools… and even a super cool Crazy Monkey Vodka limited edition sweater!

#1: Cocktail Emporium Bar Tools

Put a little luxury under the tree this year and help your friends deck out their apartments with these unique gifts from Cocktail Emporium! Copper cocktail shaker? They got it. Gold Japanese jigger? It’s here. Timeless glassware? Yes indeed. A cocktail makers haven, it’s far too easy to get lost in their product pages. If you can’t find something for everyone on your list here, we can’t help you.



#2: Fever Tree Cocktail Mixers

We supply the spirits, you bring the mixers. A quality beverage calls for top shelf ingredients, and a great spirit can be ruined by subpar sodas. Widely regarded as some of the best in the business, Fever Tree Cocktail mixers will undoubtedly help your loved ones elevate their home cocktail game. Friends don’t let friends make shite drinks.



#3: Apple Flats Cocktail Mixers

The fine folks over at Apple Flats have taken a more adventurous approach to mixers, helping you put a twist on your favourite classics. Made from a base of farm fresh Ontario crabapples and available in flavours like Sweet Maple and Harvest Peach, these mixers are sure to be a surprisingly unique gift idea!



#4: Jacky Apple Jack Spirit

The holiday season is a perfect time to try something new, like our annual release of the Jacky Apple Jack, a wonderful blend of Apple Brandy and Whiskey aged in Canadian Oak barrels. This year, our boy Jacky has come back with another batch of this signature drink. Jacky is difficult enough to locate in the forest on a normal year and this year he was especially well hidden. When we finally tracked him down however, he shared a spirit with us as spicy as the times themselves. It turns out that Jackie had been spending much of his time lounging in the golden fields of Triticale, and in turn this spice has made it into this year’s Jacky Apple Jack. This limited-run spirit is bottled at the universal frequency of 43.2% – and we promise it’ll have you vibrating at just the right frequency! Details about Jacky Apple Jack will be available soon.



#5: Christmas Tree Spirit

What do you do with your Christmas tree after the holidays? We take our tree, chop it up, distill it and stick it in a Canadian Oak barrel until next year’s Christmas party. As it turns out, this process makes one heck of a fine holiday-themed sipper! Join us on December 4th at the Nickel 9 “Christmas Open House” event, as we ceremoniously open the barrel and bottle this limited edition spirit right in front of you. You’ll of course be able to sample the Christmas Tree Spirit and take a bottle home. Plus you’ll be able to check out the Christmas tree we’ll be turning into next year’s spirit as well. Fun, fun, fun! Available exclusively at the Nickel 9 distillery on December 4th.



#6: Crazy Monkey Sweater

Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but we think this limited edition sweatshirt [also available as a hoodie] is an absolute banger! Taking inspiration from our Crazy Monkey Vodka to design this bad boy, our resident artist Elizabeth Quan has knocked it out of the park yet again. This sweater is perfect for a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. We’re pretty sure it should just be everyone’s de facto sweater for the holidays. We know it’ll be ours! Be sure to swing by the Nickel 9 distillery ahead of the holidays to get your hands on Nickel 9 branded apparel and limited edition items like this. Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for new product releases.



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