6 Perfect Holiday Gifts

6 Perfect Holiday Gifts

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and what to get for all the outstanding people in your life. After all, the holidays sneak up on the best of us, and somehow the gift list always seems to get longer once you’ve started shopping.

Whether you need a memorable gift for a friend, or that little something extra to top up the stockings, we’ve got something for everyone on your list. So avoid the dreaded last-minute gift cards this year and get your loved ones something that’s as unique as they are!

#1: Stormy Island Cocktail Kit

This cocktail kit is for those that embrace their inner wild child. They like things with a little extra flair. You’re just as likely to catch them on a beach vacation as you are attending a rock concert in the rain. Do they have tattoos? Probably. Do they usually go for the most obscure thing on the menu? Most likely. They’ve probably dyed their hair an experimental colour at least once. They find what they love, then make it uniquely theirs. This kit was made for them, and has everything they’ll need to make the perfect Stormy Island cocktail. Since premium cocktails call for premium ingredients, we’ve included our Island Diaz Spiced Rum, alongside our curated mixers of Fever Tree Ginger Beer and Lakewood Pure Lime Juice. Garnish with our dehydrated lime wheels to really take this cocktail to the next level.


#2: Golden Temple Brandy

A favourite of our signature Temple series, we’ve been meticulously experimenting and developing our Golden Temple Brandy in order to ensure it’s up to your standards. This apple brandy has spent 3 years aging in French oak barrels to release its fullest flavour potential, reserved to be tasted by a worldly few. In this smooth and sophisticated sipper, you’ll find delightfully rich notes and aromatics of caramel and vanilla. The perfect gift for that hard to please uncle you never know what to get.


#3: Vodka Soda Essentials Kit

Vodka Sodas are an iconic beverage for a reason. They’re light, refreshing, and are synonymous with a good time. Invariably, we all have that one friend that orders this cocktail the second they step in the bar. Gift them one of the best they’ll have with this kit consisting of our ultra-smooth Crazy Monkey Vodka, Fever Tree Premium Soda, and our dehydrated citrus garnish to bring the bar experience home for the holidays.


#4: Nickel9 Distillery Tour

Whether you’ve got a friend that’s a bit of a craft cocktail connoisseur or know a special couple that you want to treat to a day-out, a tour of our distillery in The Junction is a memorable experience for anyone. We’ll show them around our facility, walk them through the process behind some of their favourite spirits, and they’ll get to check out our newest concoctions of seasonal cocktails!


#5: Gin & Tonic Essentials Kit

Ah, the Gin and Tonic. Poetry in a glass. A drinkable symphony. Botany in its best form. When it’s made well, that is. This Essentials Kit ensures the experience is top notch every time for that one friend who often veers on the side of eccentricity. Featuring our small batch Top Secret Experimental Gin, this kit also includes Fever Tree Premium Tonic Water and our dehydrated citrus wheel for garnish for the full artistic experience.


#6: Nickel9 Hats

Dad hats are cool, sure. But what about Mom hats? Or Cousin hats? Steve-from-work-who-did-you-that-favour-last-week hats? We don’t discriminate, so we’ve got a Nickel9 hat for whoever on your list needs one this year. Available in 4 colourways, these are perfect as a stocking stuffer or to have on hand as a ‘just in case’ gift.


And there you have it, 6 gift ideas you can grab right now to get ahead of the holiday madness, or add to your list for later. Heck, maybe get yourself a little something for working so hard this year. If you’re on the fence about anything listed above, need additional information about distillery tours, or want to sample some spirits, give us a call or stop by! We’d love to have you.

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