How to Throw a Perfect Winter Dinner Party!

How to Throw a Perfect Winter Dinner Party!

That cold Canadian weather can be pretty mean in the Winter, but it shouldn’t be the reason you cut back on the good times! Make the most of what you’ve got this Winter and host a kickass party. Here’s some ways to ensure the merriment is had through our beloved bittersweet season.

Take it Outdoors

Know someone with a firepit? Coax them into having everyone over so you can stay warm by the fire! There’s something extra Canadian about staying toasty around the fire while it’s snowing. You can also snag a propane heater and turn any outdoor space into a hangout spot. From your back patio to your balcony, the weather shouldn’t stop the good times from being had.

Get Thematic

Kick up the vibe and give your party a running start by adding in a theme! Ugly Christmas Sweater for the holidays (the cringier the better), a Ski Resort theme for the staycationers, or even dressing up as your favourite cocktail! Get creative, it can be anything you want, but the more unusual, the more memorable it’ll be. And don’t forget to take pictures!

Heat up with a Hot Bevvy

Helping people warm up from the cold and settle in is your first responsibility as the host. So why not fill the house with an alluring aroma and have a nice hot beverage ready to go? Simmer a warm apple cider on your stove, combined with our Island Diaz Rum and spiced with cinnamon. Mulled wine is a classic, with its sweet and spicy notes, but make sure to slip in a little of our Golden Temple Brandy for the full French experience. Or make a batch of hot chocolate spiked with our Island Diaz Rum and be sure to dress it with some freshly whipped cream and sprinkled cocoa powder. If none of these strike your fancy, there’s always tea (but, c’mon, nobody’s coming for the tea).

Break out the Eggnog

Whatever your feelings about it are, you can’t go through the winter without at least one eggnog cocktail. Whether it’s a full-fledged eggnog martini, or just throwing in a splash of rum, make sure to have some on hand, because it’s always a surprisingly amusing topic of discussion. Maybe it’s your favourite. Maybe you think it’s dreadful. Either way, it’s a staple, and not to be skipped!

Craft a House Cocktail

Want to go a step further and give your guests a specialty cocktail experience you’ll be known for? Head over to our website and browse through our cocktail recipes to find the one that’s best fit for your guests. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do any running around to find everything, we’ve got it all in our shop in The Junction ready for pickup or shipped directly to your doorstep from our website.

Get Snacky

What’s a party without snacks! Chips and dip is a fan favourite, but why not opt to try a charcuterie board? Grab yourself a few favourite meats from the deli, like a nice Italian prosciutto, cacciatore salami, or even a spicy soppressata if you’re feeling adventurous. Add in some of your favourite cheeses (brie anybody?) and some crackers or crostinis and you’ve got the base of a beautiful charcuterie board! Wrap it all up with some jam, mustard, a few of those fancy gherkins and a little fresh fruit, and you’ll probably have people showing up just for the food!

So don’t let the winter weather get you down and stop you from having a good time. Get creative, make it exciting, and maybe even start a new tradition for you and your friends. We want you to have a good time, because we’re all trying to get through winter, and should at least be able to enjoy it together.

Happy Gatherings!

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