The Story of Nickel 9 Distillery

The Story of Nickel 9 Distillery

Born from a love of cocktail culture, a dedication to hospitality, and a burning desire to provide an outstanding consumer experience with every sip, the main focus at Nickel 9 is simple; to craft premium spirits that you’ll enjoy, using high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

One look at our product lineup and you’ll notice we’re no one trick pony, but there’s no Jack of all trades here either. We give the same attention to every spirit as if it were the only thing we did. No detail is overlooked and nothing is ever deemed ‘good enough’.

Nickel 9 Distillery Temple SpiritsAt Nickel 9, we’re serial experimenters and firm believers that, when used correctly, the best ingredients will inevitably result in great products. With that in mind, our signature Temple lineup was crafted for the savvy sipper that’s after something pure, simple, and enjoyable neat or on the rocks. Starting with a base of purely Canadian Apples that’s completely grain free, you can follow this apple mash through it’s journey as it develops from the orchard into our crisp and smooth Northern Temple Vodka. From there, it evolves into the subtle cedar and citrus notes of our Hidden Temple Gin, and finally finishes its tasteful travels by being barrel aged, emerging in the form of our Golden Temple Brandy with rich caramel, french oak, and vanilla flavour profile.

Nickel 9 Distillery Cocktail ElementsYou can rest assured that whether your tastes are that of a purist seeking a perfectly sippable spirit, or an explorer after something a bit more adventurous, all of our creations are made with you in mind. That’s why we’re also using our expertise in mixology to develop the finest lineup of cocktail elements. From syrups to bitters in a wide range of flavour profiles, we’re here to help you get your favourite cocktail dialed in just right, or even create your own house special!

While we take great pride in our product offerings, ensuring that your experience is enjoyable from start to finish is our top priority. Whether it’s the first sip of our spirits or the first step in our distillery, we want to provide you with a welcome, comfortable, and safe environment because the right ambiance can take an encounter from memorable to unforgettable.

Toronto is where that magic happens. Whether you’re a lifer, recently moved here, or pop in to visit from time to time, it’s easy to tell that this is a city of ever-changing locales. So we wanted to situate ourselves in a neighbourhood we could grow with. That’s why we’ve planted our flag on Cawthra Avenue in the Junction. It’s a community brimming with innovative businesses and inspiring streetscapes, a wide array of artistic and in-the-know residents, and not least of all, incredible potential.

Nickel 9 Distillery ToursWhether you’re stopping in for a tour, a tasting, or just hitting the bottle shop while running errands, you can be sure our team will treat you as a welcome guest in the space we’re proud to call home. Why wouldn’t we want to build this kind of community in such a great area? After all, our intrinsic love of experimentation and innovation is fuelled from exploring what the city and its people have to offer. Seeing what’s current and popular, what people are drinking, and what flavour combinations are gaining traction really gets our gears turning and ready to create.

But observation is just part of our research. Listening to what excites and entices you and really hearing what you want to be drinking is what motivates us. How can we create something that’s been so carefully crafted with all the right nuances that it feels as if it were curated specifically for you? Being able to give you that experience truly gets us giddy.

Nickel 9 Distillery Cawthra StreetUltimately, our vision for the scene at Nickel 9, and for Cawthra Avenue as a whole, is to become a destination for locals and visitors alike. We have lots of products in the works that we’re excited to share with you and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. While we grow our lineup and our Nickel 9 family, we hope you’ll join us on our journey, we’d love to have you.

So come say hi and stay a while, we’re always mixing up something special.


90 Cawthra Avenue, Unit 100
Toronto, ON
M6N 3C7

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