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Nickel 9 Distillery

The Ultimate Caesar Kit

The Ultimate Caesar Kit

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Pick up Nickel 9 Distillery's Ultimate Caesar Kit to get EVERYTHING you need to craft the perfect Caesars!

Our Ultimate Caesar Kit comes with the best and smoothest alcohol to use, our 10x distilled Crazy Monkey Vodka. For your Caesar Mix, Singers offers the best caesar mix in Canada with a spectacular fiery blend of spices and seasonings to give you the puckerin' best Caesar you can create. Included is a bottle of our own Ni9 Habanero Bitters which promise an elevated and spicy kick to any cocktail - including a Caesar. With all your ingredients ready, a RIMIT 2 -in-1 Complete Caesar Rimmer Kit is the final step you need to enjoy the most excellent and worthy Caesars.

Kit includes

Kit will come with Habanero bitters and Spicy Caesar mix automatically, but if the heat isn't for you just let us know what bitters and mix you would like in the notes. Mild and Vegan Singer's Caesar mix also available.

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